Friday, 6 July 2007

Dear Maria: Actually, Ask a Statistician

The fretfully in love, and sexually embarrassed on Ask Sam
(previously known as Sam And The City) were confronted with the statistic from wherever Sam gets her stats, which was that the average man has had 7 sexual partners, and the average woman has had 4 sexual partners, which "doesn't add up" complained some, and bewailedcertain others, "women must be lying, where are all these extra women that men are sleeping with???" ('Course, couldn't be the men who were exaggerating their sexual prowess.)

Of course the stats could add up.

The average (whoever "average" is) man has had 7 sexual partners. The average female has had 4 sexual partners.

Doesn't say that those partners are all of the opposite sex.

Or for that matter, even human.



Jerry Springer's team read the above paragraph and has started storyboarding:

My hubby is bi, homo, gay, queer, experimental, and every othe not-that-there's-anything-wrong-with-that word you can think of!

My boyfriend bonks aliens!

I found my partner bonking a squirrel and now I'm experiencing insecurity problems and furry fantasies!

My man has ghost fetishes and it's driving me nuts!

My father likes it with ... well however you'd describe it you can't call my piano teacher human!

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