Thursday, 18 October 2007

The whimsical contradictions of pollies pushing for power; or Election '07: now even I've started a diary

I just received an email from Senator Steve Fielding of Family First, urging us to put Family First. And to give him my telephone number so we can have a good natter about it.

Note to Senator Fielding - giving a pollie my personal number so he can pester me all day long, 'specially round election time, is not my idea of putting families first.


TimT said...

Family First are the best (or should that be the worst?) at these whimsical contradictions. A workmate was listening to a Family First interview yesterday that went something like this:

POLITICIAN: Our policy is to help struggling Australian families!

PRESENTER: What about gay families?

POLITICIAN: (Insert long waffling disquisition about lifestyle choices, etc, designed to miss the point completely).

Yep. When it comes to election day, put Family Worst first.

Er, that is, Family First worst.


Maria said...

Gay families means happy families.

Everyone should know that!

Vote 1 for Gay Families!

JahTeh said...

You'd think out of all those brothers and sisters he's got, one would be gay. I sent emails and snail mails about gay and lesbian families and he wouldn't answer one of them. He's still sending me emails and I practise my swearing on them.

Maria said...

No matter how much pollies go on about traditional values, they're always up for disrespecting your rights to have an inbox clear of meaningless crap and insulting garbage.

Insulting to the intelligence, especially.

Mr Mean said...

Perhaps, in their view, Australia (thankfully?) remains in such technological backwaters that e-mail etiquette has yet to broach the domain of tradition? (Oh, if only they would be spared the Andrew Quah scandal! Cursed be the Internet!)