Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mums worth $124,000

A calculation based on all the different job titles Mum takes on figured that if Mum were paid in cold hard cash she'd earn $124,000 a year.

Typical duties included:

housekeeper, daycare centre teacher, van driver, psychologist and chief executive officer

and the fact she works more than 40 hours a week.

I actually find this amusing because I asked someone what CEO means and it means you get to make all the executive decisions.

In fact I do that all the time, anyone can make them if they choose, just wish I could get paid in cold hard cash what duties I perform.

I am

CEO - I make decisions on everything for myself and often for other people too.
Legal secretary/paralegal (OK I'm getting paid for this)
Typist (what the heck am I doing now?)
Housekeeper (my bedroom is quite spick and span thank you. Lots better than some housewives I know)
Computer technologist
Events Organiser
Boardgames Player
Orange Juice taster
DVD watcher
Phone answerer
Professional Procastinator and Sleeper

to name just a few ... Oh and I do this full time.

Darn, I should be getting paid a fortune. Unfortunately I'm not. It's a disgrace I tell you!

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Grouch said...

Jeez...I havent given mine a pay rise since 1977...nice blog