Thursday, 5 March 2009

It's a McNugget HamBurglary!

In Florida a woman dialed 911 because McDonalds ran out of chicken McNuggets.

Or so run the news articles.

No, that's not exactly true. She rang emergency because McDonalds wouldn't give her her Nuggets after she paid for them - and in some ways, that could be construed as a burglary. A Hamburglary. However, she got in trouble all the same for abusing the 911 system.

The story runs thus: The woman paid for her chicken McNuggets, McDonalds then ran out of Nuggets, but refused to give her her money back, saying all sales were final. They attempted to give her a different product (apparently worth more) but the woman didn't want it, and called 911 instead.

Now, if you look at the Daily Tele's reporting of the story, the blog has plenty of comments going on about how the woman's an idiot, or at least that's how the blog was going the last time I checked (maybe public opinion has swayed by now).

No doubt the action was pretty extreme, and not exactly what a 911 line is there for.

However, while there may be much hooting and derision in the direction of the woman - let's not forget Maccas in here - I'd be pretty annoyed if any vendor took my money, did not hand over the goods I paid for and then did not offer a refund as a possible solution. You advertise the goods as available? And they aren't? Then advise me they are out of stock before I hand over my cash so I can make an informed decision about whether I hand over the cash (best) or at the very least, refund it when you've figured it out.

It doesn't matter that maccas offered a 'larger portion of different food at the same price' - just say you don't want that particular food? If you go into a store to buy butter and they don't have any, is it ok for them to keep your money and foist on you dog food or baby's nappies or shaving cream with the justification "this has a higher retail price"? It's just a bit silly. It could be an option, but it shouldn't be the only option.

Maccas is a big powerful corporation known for getting its way and in all this kerfuffle this one point shouldn't be swept under the carpet - by not giving the woman her money, they were playing unfair.

I don't think calling 911 was appropriate: What I would like to see would be someone say "NO I WANT MY REFUND OR MY NUGGETS!"

and then refuse to move out of the queue until someone gave one or the other to her.

Every so often she could bellow she wanted to see the manager.

She could take up a whole register. She could also stand there telling customers, "Hi, by the way I wouldn't order Nuggets if I were you. Those people over there will keep your money and your meal will take forever. that's what I'm waiting here for - my Nuggets! What is it - two hours and no Nuggets? Gosh, I think you're very lucky there with such a speedy cheeseburger there sir, much better service than what I'm getting with my Nuggets! I wonder if it's because the chickens aren't laying the golden nuggets any more or ... what? chips so fast? Mmmmm ... wow, nothing compared to my NUGGETS! ...."

Calling a TV station would be kinda cool. She might gather a crowd if she could manage a monologue for a while and Maccas hadn't caved in.

Indeed - I don't think it was appropriate to call 911; on the other hand, I don't think it's appropriate for us to buckle to the bullying of retailers, especially large billion-dollar international corporations.


coffee said...

it's true -- McDonalds will tear you up if you're not careful... i had two Big Macs today in one sitting, and I feel like it was the worst mistake of my life

Maria said...

I have never eaten one Big Mac.

They look kind of big to me (i guess that's the point.)

If I ever eat a McDonalds I'm sorta a cheeseburger/Fillet O'Fish person.

Yes it's often icky but I suppose it doesn't hit you so badly because it's a smaller amount of icky.

Maria said...

I remember watching a friend of mine eat a Quarter Pounder. he ordered a Quarter pounder, and he oopened it up and removed the gherkin, the tomato, the lettuce, the cheese ... well pretty much everything except the bread, the meat and a thin bit of sauce.

I wonder why the heck he ordered a Quarter Pounder? Aren't all the fillings supposed to be a big part of what you order?