Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sign up for Direct Debit so we can take Nothing from your Bank Account!

Readers of OJS know that I think Three (the mobile company) is a bit cracked. Potty, like.

I also had a bit of trouble with them previously. I had a contract with them and was paying by direct debit; they attempted to charge me for the same amount twice as well as charge me a late fee I didn't owe them. So I stopped paying by direct debit - just so they couldn't take money from my bank account automatically each month and then pretend they hadn't done it, and then take over a month and a lot of calls at my expense for them to fix their mistake. (That's what I hate about phone providers - they make a mistake and when their incompetence takes you about fifty calls to pursue their mistake, they bill you all over again. It shouldn't even cost you one call.)

Anyhow, I am now on with Telstra. I don't know whether it will be a smarter plan choice but the mobile itself is cooler so that's a plus.

When I switched to Telstra, I was told all i had to do was switch my phone number over to Telstra. Three would issue me a final bill as they would "see" that I was no longer with them.

I did that, and I got a 'last' bill from Three which I paid and I'm no longer with Three.

Then for some reason I got another bill from Three ...

It has written on it that my bill is $0.

And I haven't made any calls.

They WROTE to me to tell me that?

Not only that, I received the whole standard bill, with a lovely little place in it saying "Amount owing for this month $0.00" and a big notice underneath saying "would you like to sign up for Direct Debit? Make your bill easier!"

I have a feeling I could make that bill a lot easier by plain ignoring it, but hey, I'm just a layperson.


Friendless said...

Send them a cheque for $0.00.

Maria said...

I would do that if banks didn't charge a whopper for cheques.


I hate how they charge for cheques. I also hate direct debit because once some company called Three took money out of my bank acct and then claimed they didn't do it.

Direct Debit stinks.