Sunday, 10 May 2009

High heels, my foot!

Here's an article which urges women to wear stilettos instead of sandals and flats because it will boost their health and possibly also their sex-life.

One minute high heels are bad for you, straining your ankles, next minute they're a godsend. It sounds like one of those crock messages dieticians give you that has you running in both directions. Stupido.

I say, wear what you like, eat what you like, it's too hard to keep up with this load.

What I don't quite get is if these podiatrists are really so concerned about health, and that's their main concern, why is the article only urging WOMEN to pull out those stilettos? Why isn't it asking men to go to the ladies' section to find a high heel that suits them?

Is it because men's bodies are so differently constructed that they don't need the benefit of a heel to stop knee pain or arthiritis or help with posture, or more likely, that podiatrists are thinking, "No it's ok to urge all women to pull out high heels (even though the women I'm urging are presumably those who've been opting to wear the opposite kind of shoewear) but I wouldn't try to impose these ideas on men because, well, that's just a bit ridiculous, eh, I mean *snigger* a guy in high heels hehehe women can do it but I wouldn't expect a man to have to!"

It sounds like a weird discrimination both ways - putting people in boxes, expecting certain ladies to wear something that they have avoided because of certain health gains *supposedly*, and also avoiding marketing the same health benefits to men just because of a presumption that they mightn't want to wear same costume.

Unless it's true that men just don't gain the same benefits from wearing heels - and I'd like to see a test study, thanks, then how can you take this seriously?

As for the sex-life boost, the only possible sex-life boost I can imagine is that when you wear heels you are most likely to trip over, possibly into someone's arms, or perhaps in some weird way, flat on your back into a bed.


Maria said...

Just a month or so ago I bought myself a pair of flats AND a pair of heels (not stilettos, I'm neither a masochist nor a sadist). Covering all bases here.

As for those so-called bad ballet flats, does the fact that ballerinas stand on their tippy-toes doing pirouettes counteract the bad flatty effect? Would like to know.

armouris said...

info on high heels here - High Heels Are Bad

Friendless said...

High heels and black stockings will definitely improve your sex life... trust me, I have testosterone.

TimT said...

I have documentary footage from the time the high heeled shoe was invented: see the photographs here!

TimT said...

The Sun newspaper reprotsWho was the reproter who reproted that article? I think they ought to be reproted to whoever is responsible for such reproting. It's a disgrace, I tell you!

Maria said...

I will prot that reproter and reprot back to you TimT!

Maria said...

Friendless, I believe you, I am sure you have tested it out yourself. I think you would look fantastic in a pair of fishnets and heelies.

No sorry that's Mr Downer.

I think his name says exactly what happens to your sex life if you fiddle around with the leggy apparatus!

Maria said...

armouris, the main problem with the shoes on the link you posted is they're plain ugly. that's a platform and a heel together and the woman has a strap that big to harness herself in because it's that weird. I betcha she falls flat on her face otherwise!

Can't stand the very strappy ones that are sll strappy nothing else, I don't think they're necessarily worse for your foot but they just look worse in my opinion.

I generally prefer something where I think I will stand upright in it and I'm ot crying while I wear it. that's a good criteria for shoe wearing.

I have had trouble with shoe wearing and i don't care whether podiatrists say it's a good shoe, if you fall over, if you feel weird in it, if you open up the shoe and you have a shoe foull of blood, it is WRONG. Yes, I have opened up a shoe and just had bleeding feet, i thought they were aching and stinging but they were just a little uncomfortable from a long walk and I was being a wuss; I got to my teacher's place and requested I take off my shoe, BLOOD. Damn shoe was scraping at my heels and toes and took off my skin and everything.

It had the recommended chunky heel too.