Thursday, 28 May 2009

Swine Flu Alert!

My mother has a new hobby horse - each evening she reminds me about how bad the swine flu is and reminds me to wash my hands.

Now, I'm not looking to die of swine flu, but this is my view on it. Take normal precautions, be alert to symptoms and report any, there are obviously situations where people and more likely, larger groups, organisations etc may have to take stricter than normal precautions, but if it gets you and you die, well too bad. Everyone has to die sometime.

There isn't any point running around getting hysterical about it and sitting at your desk thinking that every time someone coughs it's swine flu, that you can't touch anything because swine flu is majorly infectious so what if that something had been in contact with another something which had touched something which had touched something which had touched something which had touched something which had touched ....

Life still has to go on. And if you were that hysterical about it you would have no life.

Anyhow, I was looking at what normal precautions were, and mainly people are walking around saying things like "There's this terrible thing called swine flu! Wash your hands! Cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough!"

You mean people have to have the threat of a jazzily named deadly flu before they remember that washing their hands and covering their mouth when they do a big public ATCHOO is the right thing to do?

People who don't remember this stuff are the kinds of people who ought to be wiped out, so I guess it's just another natural selection thing. The survival of the pockets of society of the more hygienic and polite.


TimT said...

Spot on, plagues and illnesses always affect people who have worse living conditions... one of the single easiest ways for people to avoid the black plague in history would have been by washing regularly, since it was transmitted to humans via a small flea.

nailpolishblues said...

And yet if you go too far the other way you have no antibodies and no resistance to even the weakest of viruses and bugs.
I have no faith in all the anti-bacterial products available these days - I suspect that they create more issues than they solve. Not to mention the false sense of security engendered in their users.

A happy medium and good manners - people used to have manners, didn't they? - are required by all.

JahTeh said...

The greatest passer of germs is money. When I think of how many hands it goes through until it reaches mine, I get rid of it as fast as possible.

Maria said...

It is so true, Jahteh.

People should think of how many lives they are saving when they do not give money to hobos in the street. They are really protecting them from swine flu!

Maria said...

Nails I agree with you, good manners and common sense.

ON the other hand, I think it somewhat benusing that so many places I've worked at do NOT supply tissues.

You can get funny sized butterfly clips and staples that don't fit in the stapler and an internal newsletter and they'll even stock up on milk and teabags. But many didn't have tissues and you were supposed to bring their own.

I've worked in govt and so many people bring their own tissues, either in pocket packs or a box on their desk. I understand budgets and how some people think tissues are sued TOO MUCH but .. really, if they are so serious about this ...

I was working in court and a barister didn't have a tissue either. He wanted one and I don't have a govt supply either, so fortunately I could run into chambers and get him one of my own personal pocket pack supply and give it to him.

However I really shouldn't have to do that sort of thing. It's pretty silly.

(Even in the kitchen we don't have paper napkins, it sounds silly but we have a dishcloth and we raid paper wipes from the bathroom supply for the very messy things that you wouldn't want to use the cloth that you dry dishes with on. Ludicrous.)

And then we get emails telling us how to avoid swine flu without the proper supplies!