Sunday, 30 March 2008

Two (Short) Weeks on the Job

It's amazing, I've actually managed to stay for two weeks on the job. It's unfortunately a no-blogging workplace - a bit of the I-can-read-occasionally-but-not-touch, but other than that, it's a very amenable environament.

I started two weeks ago, which was a very good time to start, not least of all because it meant my first two weeks were both four day weeks, owing to the Easter weekend. I've never thought I had instinctively good timing, but this disproves me, once and for all.

I've done some very useful things at work, for instance, I've changed my on-screen computer account icon to a yellow duck - much deliberation taken over which was most suitable - and rearranged my desk so the stamps sit nicely next to the pens. I've also located where the "Peter Rabbit" coffee mug sits in the kitchen, for maximum amusement during drink breaks.

I've also timed how long it takes to walk to the library from work and back, so I can coordinate book borrowing and reading times, and sneak in a bit of sandwich chomping outside the library while I'm at it.

On top of that, there's been a bit of work to do, but that's by the by.

Must say, work is a commitment, but I think I'm getting the hang of the essentials.

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