Wednesday, 12 March 2008

You are now blogging with a Learner. Please allow plenty of room.

I got it!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, you are now reading, the blog of a learner driver.

I am proud to say I have passed the driver's knowledge test with 100%, though I did have trouble with them blinkin' amber lights.

The girl next to me was doing the computer test for the full driver's license and didn't pass.

I can say I was mainly spurred on by the knowledge that the RTA would dock me for another $35 should I not pass this go, and such similar incentives shall spur me on further to greater things, I hope.

I am soon to schedule some driver's instruction. I've decided that figuring out how to turn on the ignition would be handy, but it would be also good to figure out which key on my mother's ring is the one to her car. Next, distinguishing brake from accelerator would be a handy lesson.

After that, anything goes.

Please grant me the full extent of your courtesy by edging warily away from me when you see me careering down a road near you. Thank you.


TimT said...

Remember, if you see a little old lady, don't run them down. Their husbands, however, are fair game. The examiners might even mark you up if you aim well enough. (Can you tell why I never bothered going for my licence?)

JahTeh said...


You do live somewhere other than Melbourne?

Just asking for caution's sake.

Lad Litter said...

Quite an achievement. Well done. I'll try not to demonstrate that patronisingly exaggerated courtesy that some drivers show towards learners.

Kym said...

JahTeh, RTA is the "vicroads" of NSW. :)