Sunday, 6 April 2008

Driving - Easy as ABC!

I had my first driving lesson with a professional driving instructor recently. He's a professional driving instructor, so I can't show a blog picture of his face. However, I will hint at the driving school I used in my blog post name.

I decided it would be a good idea to get a driving lesson in while there was still some light, and as I have a job now (gosh, I can't help but repeat that over, even if it's a junior, pay-little job) I'm kind of constrained as to when I can have lessons. I decided to go for one before daylight saving ended, so I managed to sueeze one in last week even though the guy had a very full schedule.

This was one where I actually managed to drive on some roads rather than just in a parking lot.

Firstly, the instructor talked to me about the car and the seats and mirrors, and how I should be comfortable. He also explained where the brake and accelerator were and how to use them.

However, despite this, I kept getting them mixed up later on.

I don't think it's a great idea that you use your right foot for both brake and accelerator. It's very confusing. I kept braking when I ought to have been accelerating. After all, it's all the same foot, isn't it?

Also, who got the idea to have the indicators where they are? I never learnt that properly, I always assumed the right indicator would be on the right hand side and the left indicator on the left hand side - makes sense to me! Naturally this meant I was wiping my windscreen to indicate I was turning left a lot.

I also don't know why people actually try to cross the road when there is a Learner about. Don't people value their life at all; don't they realise I'm a temperamantal fool who's likely to miscalculate and mow them down without notice, with a passing "Whoops!"

I managed to stay out of trouble for most of my lesson, mainly due to an excellent instructor grabbing hold of the wheel every time I felt an urge to drive in front of buses.

I have another lesson coming up in a little over a week's time - I think he just needed some time to see a psychiatrist.

P.S. He did assure me I'm not the worst driver he's taught yet. How sweet!


Friendless said...

I'm sure my driving instructor didn't understand that the implication of my learning to drive was that I COULDN'T DO IT. He shoved me in the car and told me to drive. OK, if you're willing to risk this piece of machinery with someone who wouldn't even know he was wrecking it, that's fine by me. But to take me onto proper roads seemed like sheer lunacy.

maria said...

I think it's a matter of "If you're willing to risk your life with someone who wouldn't even know ..."

Yeah, I got the spooks that I was plonked on a road, and even when there were cyclists around he still wanted me to drive. I thought, but hey, I'm a girl who hasn't figured out the brake and accelerator yet - are you freakin' nuts?

maria said...

Oh, I have another lesson tomorrow. This could be interesting!