Thursday, 10 April 2008

I'm a bus!

This is a true story:

Recently, someone, a close relative, called M, was caught by the police and fined.

"It's not quite right," said M. "I'm a good driver, people like me shouldn't get fined! (or lose points!)"

It's a sad tale, M was on the road and a naughty person in front of her was pretending to be broken down, or so it seemed, and pretending to be one of those horrid annoying people who acts broken down to hold up traffic. M was sick of being stuck behind the poser.

And you know what you do when you see one of those people - you OVERTAKE them!

At all costs - it's the rule!

So M ducked into the nearby bus lane, fully intending only to be there for a couple of seconds, just enough to get around the posing pretend-to-be-a-broken-downer.

Shock horror!

Suddenly M found she was in a bus lane - and the poser was not a poser, but just someone stuck in a traffic jam, and there wasn't anyway M could get back into the normal lane. She was stuck in the bus lane!

It was all the POSER'S fault!

Unfortunately a police officer came by then and said "M, you're in a bus lane - TICKET!"

and M spluttered "If it weren't for the poser, this wouldn't have happened, it's her, not me!"

Too bad.

Later on, M went home with her fine, and consulted me on several possible ways to clear her otherwise perfect driving record.

The only excuse I could think of was:

"Officer, I have chronic multiple personality personality disorder, at the time I thought I was a bus"

Any other offers?


Mr Mean said...

“They were protesting against China in the other lane.”

TimT said...

"Officer, I was misled! I supposed the posing poseur in the other lane was posing, but instead they were posing as a poser, in order to delude passers into thinkign they were posers! If Moses supposes the posers are posers, does Moses supposes erroneously?"

maria said...

That imposter imposing as a poser posed as a passing poseur who posited a .... no, TimT, you did it better.

Mr Mean, I can imagine a witty police officer coming back with "So now you think you're an Olympic torch-runner?"

TimT said...

If I were to leave a blog comment devoid of content, then I guess I would be an impostor poster in the process of imposting!

Good thing I wouldn't do anything like that in these hallowed halls of blogdom.

Lad Litter said...

Just tell her she fought the law and the law won.