Saturday, 3 January 2009

Literary Theme Park!

And here's another one I got from the ABC'S First Tuesday Book Club website the literary theme park.

Apparently, and not that surprisingly, someone is already coming up with the idea of a Hary Potter theme park. I guess there'll be a whole school of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and little wizarding things to do and games of Quidditch to be had. You can probably pop balls into little owls mouths and if they come out in the right slots and add up to the magic number - and I do mean MAGIC number, you win a Harry toy. Throw cream pies at Dudley's face. Throw cream pies at BOTH of Professor Quirrell's faces. That sort of thing.

But what sort of literary theme park would you like to see, based on what book/series/author? And what would it be like? There have been some nominations on the ABC's website. Of course, they don't promise at all it'll get built ...

I would like to see an Anne of Green Gables tour. I want to do the whole Idlewild, Lake of Shining Waters, Snow Queen and Bonny, Lover's Lane, Violet Vale, Birch Path thing. There should be games where you can walk a ridge pole and win a wig of dyed green hair and somewhere where you can purchase alcoholic raspberry cordial, and a ride where you ave o dodge slates that nearly hit you on the head, and a barge ride down a river.

All sounds good to me!

What literary theme park or tour would you like to see or do, and what activities would you like to be on it?


JahTeh said...

I have to admit the one thing I have never wanted to do, even as a child, was visit Disneyland but a Hogwarts theme park might tempt me but for the fact that it's American and will be unbearably over the top.

TimT said...

You could have theme parks for whole genres:

Gritty realism - the theme park! Start your experience by a ride through t'pit, full of children and poorly-paid unionists slaving away, digging up mud for their employers.
Take a trip through the Domestic Violence House! Then go on the Suicide Thrill Ride!

Maria said...

Hmmm - I think someone did mention a Marquis de Sade theme park, which is a genre unto itself,almost.

I guess not one for the kiddies, and I'd hate to know how they would interpret the little game where you pop balls into clowns' mouths to win a prize!

I can see a whole set of lonely hearts, hopefuls and RSVP daters lining up for the Mills & Boon genre theme park.

At the end you may come out either happily coupled up, blissfully used in a torrid steamy ride of your life you'll never forget, or dumped gracelessly from a ride wondering "will he call? But he was THE ONE!!!"

Maria said...

What about a Where's Wally theme park where you pop into a theme park and spend the entire day wandering through a crowd trying to spot Wally?

Or a pop up book theme park where you spend the entire time wandering through a park where little fold up tings suddenly pop up nearby and turn into unexpected other things, and you see something and have an irresistible urge to lift up the flap just to discover what's underneath it, usually something like a snoring puppy or a missing green sock.