Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Not good

I am feeling not good.

I just had my wallet stolen. It's been a bad experience - I know people say this has happened to many people but I've never had it happen to me before. It's an icky feeling knowing someone else is rifling through YOUR WALLET!

I went out today to have lunch with a friend, after which I roamed about the city a little and then came home and noticed - wallet gone!

In a panic I retraced my footsteps, called at stores I'd been to to find out if it had been dropped and handed in, and finally filed a police report and called the bank.

Naturally, terrible and confused thoughts rush through your mind at this time and some of them are:

1. Why didn't they take my phone? Some people have their phones stolen? Why not take my phone instead? It's a nice looking phone. Also, I had just swapped over to another new phone which was sitting at home so the old phone in my bag had no credit on it and was inactive, I wouldn't ave cared if they had taken that. Why didn't they take my PHONE?

2. Why did I withdraw money and keep it in my wallet recently? Why?

3. I had been checking out frivolous things to buy recently and I was thinking "No, Maria, you ought be a good girl, you don't really need that, keep the money in your purse and be more frugal, don't throw it away on silly bits and pieces." Darn it, I should havem and had a good time instead of letting the thieves have it! I should have partied like an idiot instead of letting a DISHONEST IDIOT have the fun of it.

4. In the same vein, why didn't I buy the more expensive lunch? And what about those silly expensive tiny Japanese canned drinks - shoulda got one of those too. Heck, shoulda got ten of them.

5. My library card was in my wallet. Will I suddenly look on my online library card and find that someone has gone to town with putting a whle lot of Barabara Taylor Bradfords or something in my name, for a joke?



kiki said...

i was at an atm in Frankfurt a year ago. i turned around with the cash in one hand and my wallet in the other and this black dude snatched the cash (fortunately), smacked me in the face and ran away

you'll be alright

JahTeh said...

It's an awful feeling. I loaded everything into the taxi the other day then looked frantically for my purse almost unloading my bad on the bonnet until the driver twigged and said my purse was on top of the parcels on the back seat. It was the panic of the moment.

Maria said...

I would love to be the one to smack him in the face!

I found out the thief or thieves used my card at an ATM, or tried to use it (unsuccessful). I try to imagine a scene where the unsuccessful thief had the card gobbled up, turned around, left the ATM and accidentally slipped on a puddle of conveniently spilled hot coffee and smashed his head in on the floor while a group of small children gathered round to laugh and scream and dance around him, singing "na na na" and stomping on his head and spitting gum on him.

Generally I'm opposed to retribution, humiliation and violence but there are some exceptions.

Lad Litter said...
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Lad Litter said...

When my wallet was stolen in a burglary it contained my student card, containing one of only three halfway decent ID photos of me known to exist.

Sorry to be flip. Hope it turns out okay.

Maria said...

Hi Lad,

I've got the opposite problem, I seem vaguely to remember as a joke I was carrying around one of my very old Student ID cards that had me in one of my daggiest days (OK, not much improvement nowadays but I've thrown out the Harry Potter glasses and invested in a less scruffy polo shirt.)

It's tormenting to know what could happen to such a pic in the wrong hands!

I've come to accet the wallet is gone forever and am replacing stuff in it, as well as the wallet itself. I'll go wallet shopping this week; it's a good chance to buy a new one. The cards I have to replace; and there's one or two I'm not bothering to replace - like an old student copy card and a library card from a library I hardly ever visit any more.

And I can't replace those great savings vouchers I used to keep around! That really is annoying! I had a couple of $10 off a Borders book vouchers sitting in my wallet, no can use anymore, devastating for an avid book buyer like myself who really needs them discounts and a few of those cards which were stamped each time you buy something at a store to build up to a freebie - now I have to start over at the beginning all over again! Darn it!

I can only say it is a very good thing that I ave stopped carrying my front door keys in my wallet. I used to do that up to a year or two ago. I broke the habit when I found a new keyring I liked.

To everyone else out there ... I heartily recommend separating the wallet from the front door keys!