Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bomb the Moon!

Yesterday I read this article about how NASA as found, in the so called global economic recession, half a billion dollars to bomb the moon.

I'm sure lots of Americans are really glad to know how their tax money is being spent. While they don't have welfare nearly so good as many other countries to prop them up should they lose their job, which is happening is droves at the moment, they can sleep well knowing that their is a nice dent in the moon's surface.

The reasons, according to this article, for bombing the moon, are a) to find water which may or may not be on the moon and b) if there is water, the water vapour which will be sent up in the air by the bomb will form a cloud which will allow us to draw a very detailed map of the moon. Of course this could disturb the water supply and the map of the moon will be different from the moon as we currently know it because it will have a huge dent in the side of it from a bomb, but to hell with that.

So basically, we are spending half a billion dollars to find water in outer space that mightn't even exist but if it does exist, it will be a long way from us so I'm thinking, what exactly will a water supply out there do for us, wouldn't it be smarter to build a really cool dam or water catchment on Earth? What's next, a big pipeline from Earth to the moon or little modules that go out to the moon every so often with astronauts whose sole job is to fill up little plastic bottles, load them on to the ship and then bring 'em back and sell them to restaurants at exorbitant prices?

What's more, if we interfere with the moon to much, by bombing the hell out of it with target practice or draining it of large amounts of water, who knows what it may do to affect our own environment, as the moon has a direct effect on Earth - including its own water movements (oh, and some say our mental health).

The next thing is, we're trying to get a map of the moon.

I'm not sure why, I don't know how many people holiday there, we are slack enough about getting maps on Earth. My bus route map is inaccurate. Start at home.

Wat are they hoping to do with a map of the moon, start a Google Moon project?

I can just see it, Google will announce a Google Moon service, and everyone will want to see their favourite part of the moon.


Then you'll download the service and it will tell you "Please type in an EXACT STREET ADDRESS" or it won't show you the pic of the moon bit you want which will be absolutely fantastic. I want my Google Moon money back.

There is probably a reason why intelligent life from outer space doesn't contact us and that's possibly because we don't rate as intelligent to them. They're ringing all their more intelligent buddies and writing human beings off in the "dumbass" sector, not worth bothering with or contacting.


Anonymous said...

"I can just see it, Google will announce a Google Moon service, and everyone will want to see their favourite part of the moon."

Oh, dear, Maria - you're falling behind. See

TimT said...

This is so great! I think all the nations can get behind this interplanetary initiative, and offer to explode incredibly expensive and incredibly destructive weapons on the surface of any number of sub-planetoids. Hey, I hear Pluto's not a planet any more - maybe Australia could bomb that?

Maria said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Anonymous, I tried your Google Moon service and I just got an audio for a dental service, and then something that looked like Moon Invaders on a melted cheese toast.

I couldn't find my favourite place, which happens to be 43 Lunatic Drive, Crescentville, The Moon, The Solar System. Maybe it's because I am not sure of the postcode. If anyone could help me out on this one I would be very grateful, because I would like to make sure it doesn't get ruined in the bombing.

It's in the Old Style of architecture. I am so into that kind of stuff, it's quaint as hell.

JahTeh said...

This is why grown men who like the sound of big bangs shouldn't be allowed to handle money.

Anonymous said...

This is B.S. Looking for water??? Hello? Hey NASA check your records. You had two probes in 1990 that had already detected water on both poles. So what's with the bomb??? There is more here than they are telling us. Time to fess up and tell us why you are spending our hard earned money!!! The water is there. You claim we have landed there before so why not now? Hell I'll even let you borrow my ice auger.

Maria said...

Maybe they lost the water they found last time and they are too embarrassed to tell us?

I really think it is just because they like blowing things up; that or because they have found someone up there who clearly is not American or Christian on the moon.

If this causes a tidal wave I would like them to explain that but then like Hiroshima they will probably tell us it was all necessary to drop the bomb in case that fiendish moon came after us, and the Americans always do the right thing.

"If you aren't with us you're wrong"

Eric said...

The point of it was to determine the feasibility of constructing a manned base on the moon. If there is a supply of water available then we don't have to move water from the Earth to the moon. From this perspective it was a very significant find. Advancement can't stop just because we're having some financial troubles. Besides, compared to the amount of money we spent on TARP the NASA budget is laughable. The bonus received by AIG's top executives last year exceeded NASA's annual budget. Think about that. Are we really "wasting" money on space exploration?

It's depressing to me that so many Americans abhor science and lack even a basic curiosity about the world around them.

It makes me sad to look at my kids and know the country they'll be inheriting. Being an intelligent, well-educated person used to be something to strive for. I really hope this country will return to the optimistic, courageous, curious nation it once was.