Saturday, 27 June 2009

Where's Germaine Greer?

Michael Jackson has died.

I am waiting for Germaine Greer's commentary on this one. Has anyone heard from her yet? I'm a little disappointed she hasn't lashed out earlier, or has she and I haven't heard about it yet?


TimT said...

Maria asks - Germaine Greer delivers! And quite a nice piece to. Just a tribute; no sifting over the dodgy final decades of Jackson's life.

TimT said...

Greer probably only writes about what The Guardian ask her to write about, anyway. If they asked me to write something about every celebrity death/bla bla bla that happened, I wouldn't say no!

Maria said...

TimT delivers! Thank you, I was hoping someone would source it for me as it didn't hit the headlines. that's what you get for not getting piss-grumpy, Ms Greer.

I will have to go home and read it in full because for some reason I can read the top half of the article at work but when I try to scroll down, the computer takes the article away! So I've only read about half of her beautiful boy article.

Maybe the work computer doesn't like Germaine being too nice either.

Personally I think it's nice to have a tribute, without the dodgy parts. However when it comes to someone famous they have to live - and die - with the fact that they have done great things and dodgy things too, sometimes (great and dodgy in the eyes of certain people anyhow). It's just a pity sometimes that the dodgy things can sometimes overshadow the great things to the extent that we ignore the great things, and some of the dodgy things can be quite petty.

For instance the way people often think "Monica" first when they think of Bill Clinton.

I watched a Jackson tribute, or bits of it, on the night I heard he died and it's really remarkable what a talented performer he was. Really, it's just amazing. Great singer, great dancer, great show man. Just a pity that the later years were not so kind to his image.

Maria said...

Some believe that Jacko is still alive, faked his death and is preparing for "the ultimate comeback". There are "jacko spottings" from fans including a photo possibly of Jacko three days after his death.

Three days after?

Some people really have faith in the man!

JahTeh said...

Unfortunately it didn't go down well with John Niven in Britain's 'The Independent' who swiped at her for being too nice.
'Germs' just can't win.

Maria said...

Bitches get sneered at, "nice girls" don't win. It all goes back to that thing about just bein' yerself, eh, and damn what others think!

Trouble is - and I'm being serious here - after a while f trying to please others, and this can go for many people, celebrity or nay, it can be very difficult for many to figure out who "yourself" really is, as opposed to who you ave tried to be to please others.

And after all, to an extent many people's self includes a sense of trying to please others to a degree.