Thursday, 25 June 2009

Odd Spot #123

Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.

So ... errh ... what are ferns a symbol of?

I don't know exactly what the Freudian theory is of ferns but ...


JahTeh said...

'A morbid fear of ferns'? That's a new one for me but considering the times he lived in when there was a fern in every nook and cranny of the house, maybe he wasn't nuts.

The poor man did see s*x everywhere.

TimT said...

Sometimes a fern is just a p*nis envy.

Good fact. Didn't know that one. I never saw a fern I didn't like, but come to think off it, there are some creepy movie scenes with ferns. The ferns in the glasshouse at Picnic at Hanging Rock, maybe; or the creepy intelligent ferns in 'The Minority Report'.

Maria said...

P*nis envy? Wow, was freud constantly upset because the ferns were just branching out too darn big and it made him feel inadequate? Or was it the breadth that annoyed him?

Mr Coffee suggessted pubic hair.

Perhaps it was symbolic of something if you didn't like ferns at all or were continually trimming them or shaping them into heart-shapes, as opposed to letting them grow rough and wild?

Maria said...

I read this on this website:

Retentive Freud
By 1905 Freud theorized two early stages of development: oral and anal. His own oral habits centered around black coffee and smoking cigars. Compulsive about his daily schedule and rituals, Freud considered himself an anal retentive.

"Oral habits"?

"Anal Retentive"?

I'm sure Freud could have found enough to be nervous about just reading that excerpt!