Friday, 9 March 2007

9 is not WINning

For some reason, in the heart of the city, you can receive the regional Channel 9 station, WIN, more clearly than Channel 9 itself, which comes out rather fuzzily, and makes you see double in some places.

I attempted to tune into "Temptation" just the other night to see fellow blogger Lexicon Harlot, and also to claim that I know someone who has a popular blog and is a TV star, two things I don't have. Woo hoo! (She now also has lots of things I don't have, like a plasma TV, a DVD player, a telescope and some Alannah Hill clothing, and fame for outing herself as a Bert Newton fan on national TV. But I digress.)

WIN clearly advertised "Temptation" for 7pm, and then proceeded to show the news all the while it promised to show 'Lexi being tempted with prizes and reminding us all that the answers are 'Cupid' and 'personal computer' even though I've forgotten the questions. So I ended up watching a rather fuzzy version of her on 9, and seeing bits of "Temptation" in double, not that this is a bad thing.

Anyway, I would like to say now - what was so newsworthy - what COULD be so newsworthy in regional NSW that it would interrupt the joys of showing our blogger Lexicon Harlot on TV? I think it's a travesty. I cancelled my nostril-picking session just for this, and this is the thanks I receive?


alexis said...

Whaddayamean, you don't have a popular blog?! Just because you don't shamelessly tell everyone you meet to come and read your narcisisstic ramblings, doesn't mean yr blog lacks the stuff of popularity.

Anyway, thank you for your indignation on behalf of WIN watchers across the nation. I suggest we all register our disaffectio by never watching Channel 9 again.

Maria said...

Oh thank you, 'Lexi, by the way, please come along and read some more of me ramblings ...

Err, are you there?

A good suggestion - unless I appear on Channel 9 on My First Televised Game Show, of course, in which case moral indignation may give in to narcissism.

Betty said...

Cool blog, Maria.