Wednesday, 28 March 2007

I'm Back! With More Slowly Updated Posts For My Audience Of Two!

Over 10 days ago, I deleted the Orange Juice Snobbery blog. A community service, I felt, a clearing of cyberspeace, if indeed it were actually 'space' of a whole lot of gabble which was hardly ever read and even if it was, was pretty useless. I suppose I could have deleted most of the Mormon sites if that really was my aim, but I didn't want to go through the pain of actually trying to locate them.

When I told a couple of friends I'd done that, two of them acted pretty shocked. My friend Drax elegantly and supportively said "What did you do that for, you idiot?" (or something similar). the Winmeister exclaimed "What?" and gasped in what seemed like horror, but I think that was aimed at her boyfriend who was driving at the time.

At any rate, in face of such urging, I had no choice but to cobble up the blog again. Here, audience of two, I offer you Orange Juice Snobbery, yet again.

Slowly updated, not very interesting, and better than ever!


Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back.

Friendless said...

Yeah, wodjadothavoryidiot? I like your blog.

Maria said...

Be careful, Friendless - you're sounding like Drax. Scary, man. Or should I say, scary man.

Maria said...

But to you both - touched. I can only blame all those low-class-on-special-preservative-laden-orange-juice-and-lemonade mixtures going to my head that night. It's poison, I tell ya.

TimT said...

Hoooorah, you're back! I'm so overjoyed by this news that I had to add two extra 'o's' to my 'hooorah', above.

Maria said...

Many Big-O's appreciated in celebration of my return TimT!

O-O-O-Orange-Juice-for-me, thankee!!!