Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Click! No photos included in this post

I really do not like my camera phone today. In fact I think I didn't like it when I bought it and I won't like it later because it's unlikely to change its manners and mechanisms very soon.

Why, oh why must a phone be so manufactured that when you push the button for taking photos, what I call the "Click!" button, it is very easy, in fact almost impossible not to, push the button for turning off the phone at the same time?

*Murphy's Law, or the Misery Guts Law, states that the only way to take a photo with your camera-phone is to point it at something boring/disgusting and attempt to turn off your phone. This will usually mean an inbuilt mechanism in your phone will MMS that photo to everyone in your address book, and charge you for it. It will also be out-of-focus.

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