Sunday, 9 December 2007


Each year, my Mum makes her Christmas pudding, and this is was my first taste of it today.

Unlike cheesecake, and lemon tarts, and chocolate mousse, which are just plain good, this is tradition, so it must be good.

It means lots of fruit (which is good) and rolled into a cakey mixture and boiled in a towel, so it comes out nice and round. Then it is eaten with ice cream or custard, which is good.

A lot of good heart and effort is put into it.

I am not a big fan of red and green gelatin bits, but Mum cuts down on these and concentrates on the raisins, and nuts, so that is another very good feature.

All in all, while I am not the hugest fan of fruit puddings, Mum does an excellently good job of her Christmas pudding.



R.H. said...

You are a plum
You are not a pudding.
I'm a bum
No bloody gooding.

Yes well that's awful, I know, but don't blame me, there's only two words in English rhyming with pudding; the other is wooding, and what can you do with that?

Poet Laureate, Footscray.

Maria said...

I am searching for a word,
To rhyme with my pudding,
Is it far too absurd
To mention Red Riding Hooding?

R.H. said...

Foiled again. Shown right up.

No wonder Footscray is the only place my poetry is appreciated, and they don't even speak English.

JahTeh said...

The best thing about Christmas is the pudding but it must be with brandy cream and no suet in the mix. I boil mine in cellophane so I never have to worry about the cloth going mouldy.

Maria said...

You're obviously one smart pudding-maker, jahteh.

I always leave it to my Mum to boil the pudding, so it doesn't go wrong. Or at least so I don't should er the blame. That's my method, and it's served me well.