Friday, 30 November 2007

FOUND: A sense of humour in Akerman

I have never credited Piers Akerman with any sense of humour whatsoever. A guy who spends all of the time before, during and after elections (is there any other time?) curling himself into a little ball of petulancy, hate, right wing flag-waving and self-righteousness usually doesn't have much time to laugh - at least not that I've noticed from his journalistic attempts.

But I was wrong.

I now award the honour of "Funniest Quote from an Article on the Australian Federal Election 2007" to Mr Piers Akerman.

Funnily enough, the quote was about an American Presidential candidate, but it was in an article about Kevin Rudd, so let's not get too fussy.

The quote: "... a new Western administration was Hilary Clinton when she became Fist Lady ..."

I'm waiting for other gems from Mr Akerman, like an article on Earwaxgate calling Mr Rudd "Picksy" and some jokes about Howard being the "Man of Steal". A YouTube of any of George W. Bush's speeches, with the caption "The Most Powerful Man in a Whirl".

And a signing off of his own articles as "Piss Akerman"


R.H. said...


R.H. said...

Givvus a kiss
I won't tell anyone.
Givvus a kiss
And off I'll run.

Being RH
Is so much fun.

Maria said...

I'll hold off for this date.

I'm a tease.

R.H. said...

Very wise.