Friday, 14 December 2007

To State the Blinkin' Obvious

To state the blinking obvious, I haven't posted many blogs this December. Like ... one so far. Besides this.

This is partly slackness, and partly because I've been busy, and partly because I haven't had the urge to write a great deal - at least not blog-wise.

On reflection, some years you have shite years. While it seems superstitious, often you get this feeling it's moving in cycles. And some, you have excellent ones, and some are somewhere in between. I have been blessed. While this year hasn't been perfect - what year is - I can say that I think I've had a better than average year. And then I've been talking to friends and it seems that on average, unfortunately, some of them haven't had the best of years, so I can count myself fortunate.

And can just hope that for everyone, friends and family, things look up in 2008 - the very best is yet to come for them.


JahTeh said...

I read in one of the trash/flash magazines that I would not encounter another astroscape like this year until 2033. I was truly thrilled until I added up how old I'd be but then if I make it to 2033 I'm not going to care what kind of year it will be.

Maria said...

Mine says "Some people refuse to believe aliens walk among us. Clearly they have never met the folk down the road ... Just think ... of all the peculiar characters in the world ... Why are so many of them so keen to secure your friendship?"

I don't know about this being a great omen, but the answer as to why could be this blog.

Maria said...

On the other hand it could be that giant large-asteroid sized pudding my mother made. An alien search may have picked it up from several light years away.

Hostage, ready for detonation, scientific research, back up weapon, fuel source? Not sure.

JahTeh said...

There is a challenge here. Somewhere I have a photo of my mother and her giant Christmas pudding from many years back so I'll go hunting for it and we'll compare.

Maria said...

We just finished the last puddin' and Mum's just made another humungous-sized one.

She's going for the record!

Santa had better have a bid appetite because he's getting a nice unhealthy slice left out for him tonight ...