Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Drive as a Team!

The whole spectacle of driving makes no sense whatsoever, and no wonder there are so many accidents and crashes on the road. It's not because of drunk driving or hooligans or anything, although that may contribute.

I've figured it out; it's because driving is an inefficiently designed concept.

Usually, at a high-level efficient-output workplace, you have one person who heads the team, someone who takes notes, a few on tech, someone on editing, someone on maintenance, someone else on legal, someone on acounts, blah blah whatever. Everyone SPECIALISES. Driving is one of those stupid things where everything is do it yourself so you never learn one thing properly, you're a jack-of-all trades doing everything badly.

You have to sit there, listening to the radio, checking the GPS, glance at the road ahead, the rearview, the side view, handle the brake, the accelerator, the clutch, watch the speedo ...

Gosh it's enough to make anyone have a fit and many do.

And it's silly enough that P-platers are restricted in the number of passengers they carry at late hours. If any they should be carrying MORE.

They should have a whole tag team with them.

One person on brake, another on accelerator, one watching the rearview, another watching the road ahead, another watching speed. Each one would specialise in its particular function in order to coordinate the car perfectly.

It makes a heap o' sense.

I volunteer for specialty of "backseat driver" or "freeloader", I'm good at it and have had heaps of practice. I practically have a PHD Gold Medal or whatever you can get, in it.

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