Thursday, 19 June 2008

Take up the Belgian Mussel Muscle Challenge!

Folks, you know you want to.

I've agreed in an earlier post that I wasn't so keen on the RedOak Boutique Beer Cafe, but I do engoy the Belgian Beer Cafe. One thing I like about it is the mussels.

You can get them in all sorts of flavours. Not cookies 'n' cream yet, but I'm sure they're working on it. however the Tin Tin au congo, the blue cheese, the Poulette, the white wine ... yum. All extremely tasty, as are the others.

And what really makes them go down nicely is a Wednesday night special when mussels are half priced.

Now I've just checked out their promotions page and here are two very interesting deals:

*On WEDNESDAYS Mussels are half priced between 6PM-10PM for everyone. (bookings recommended)

*MONDAYS-THURSDAYS if you get in after 4PM and leave by 6.30PM, promptly, you will be given a discount of 20% off your bill.

Now I don't know exactly how deal 1 works. Does the "6PM" relate to when the mussels are ordered, or when you book, or when they arrive on your table, or what?

But what I want to know more is whether anyone can manage to combine these two deals (and yes, you have to at least try to eat the mussels. It's not much of a deal if you order them, and try to leave without eating.

Imagine it: A busy Wednesday night. You book a table, you race in at 6PM, you order a pot of mussels, on the double! They come and you chomp them down, faster than a speeding bullet, and leap, push past the herd, to the cashier, with the bill to get


with a further 20% off!

You have just entered the hall of fame of extreme cheapness, and what's more, your stomach is ready to kill you.

Anyone ready to take up the challenge?

I would love to hear your story.


eyrie said...

I will certainly give it a go next time the opportunity arises.

I like the blue cheese ones best.

Maria said...

I really liked the blue cheese ones when I tried them - they had an interesting taste. Generally I like Tin Tin au congo the best but I try to give different ones a go. The first ones I had there were the Provencale, they were tasty and well done and I enjoyed them at the time but not nearly as interesting as some of those others like Tintin or Blue Cheese so I don't think I'll be getting them again soon.

Mr Mean said...

They may actually allow the customer to combine the two discount offers, but even if you place the order at 6pm sharp, and they serve the mussels and chips up to you promptly at 6:15pm (say), is a further saving of $2.50 worth the rush and the resulting indigestion?

Maria said...


Of course. A real Mr Mean, a real cheapie, should realise this.

Besides it's not just the money, it's the feeling of achievement!

eyrie said...

I will have to give Tin Tin au congo a go. I am rather at a disadvantage, being a very slow eater, so I may have to bring a more ravenous friend.