Monday, 16 June 2008

I'm Bummed

As of Friday the Thirteenth, I'm officially Bummed.

That's right, my boss picked Friday the Thirteenth to officially announce that I was out the door, out on my bum, de-employed. The light at the end of the tunnel was I had a few minutes to clean out my desk and I "could give myself an early mark if I wanted to".

Oh, and he assured me it was nothing personal, and he thought I made terrific coffee.

Well, it's always nice to get a reference and ego boost like that on your way out.


TimT said...


If there's anything worse than random destructive acts of God, it's random destructive acts of Boss.

Hopefully you'll find a better job soon!

Maria said...

Does it make him a nice guy that he opened the door for me on the way out?

A friend has suggested a voodoo doll!

Maria said...

Oh, TimT, thanks for your well wishes. I hope I get a better job soon too!

One restrictive thing about that job was the networked email so I couldn't receive email without others reading it. It'd be nice not to have that at the next job.