Thursday, 3 July 2008

Chocolate and Orange

Recently Mr Coffee and I found ourselves in a cafe called the Citrus Cafe in Newtown. Or Citrus Espresso Bar. Either way, it is a good place for cakes and coffee and also hot chocolate which is a favourite of mine.

(recently we bought about ten or so bars of Lindt chocolate especially for making hot chocolate so we know what we like)

I like the colours in this place. Yes I am a big fan of green and purple and this place wasn't green and purple. It was chocolate and orange with trimmings of jaffa red. But it was a very cosy chocolate and orange place and just right for drinking chocolate in and eating chocolatey cakes in, I think.

It had yummy colours.

And if you get a booth it's even more cosy.

Now we've been there a couple of times we've tried a few of their cakes - the blueberry cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, cookies and cream cheesecake and the bon vivant.

The bon vivant would all up have to be my favourite. It is nice and chocolate-y without being so rich you feel like throwing up or bursting.

This place has the advantage or disadvantage of being on King St Newtown which means Mr Coffee and I trot past a few secondhand bookstores in order to get to it.

This can be a lot of fun but also a rich temptation. We have arrived there quite a bit poorer for the experience and bags heavier. i think that could explain why we haven't tried any main meals yet, just the cakes and sweet drinks.

However a book feeds the soul so to heck with the main meals!

I feel good with my purchases.

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JahTeh said...

This is so cruel. Could it be magically transported to Melbourne along with the book stores?