Sunday, 20 July 2008

Choose your own Middle, Climax and Ending!

Remember those Choose your own Adventure Books?

You were the master of your own destiny. You started the story, and then when you got to a certain point, you would be told to choose what step you wanted to take next, and then you'd be redirected to another page. That way, the story had multiple possibilities and you could keep CHOOSING YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!

While I've been unemployed, I've decided to come up with a whole new concept in books - the CHOOSE YOUR OWN MIDDLE, CLIMAX AND ENDING book.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and for an uninspired and somewhat lazy writer as myself, this seems to be the perfect sort of book.

I have ideas! I have inspiration!

It just seems that everytime I do, I get about 500 words into writing the first chapter of a book and I forget what the inspiration was. And anyway, what the heck were the characters going to do and why was it interesting and where were they going anyway?

But I've got PLENTY of starts to short stories. I've just never written a middle, climax or end.

My books will allow the reader to choose what the middle, climax and end will be! You don't even need to be redirected to a page! That's sort of lame CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE style, which while it gives you multiple possibilities, does mathematically limit the number of possibilities of stories you can create.


My books will give you INFINITE POSSIBILITIES by giving you the beginning - and leaving the rest completely open! No barriers! No redirection! No bossing you around and telling you what to do or where to go or how you have to end it. It's YOUR BOOK - you can make it whatever you want it to be!

I think it'll be a hit.

No need to thank me - except through royalties.


TimT said...

I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure Books. About time they had a resurgence, I reckon. I could make an initial investment in this exciting start up project...

TimT said...
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JahTeh said...

I will be a heroine, fearless with a 'to die for' body, an expert in martial arts and chocolate manufacturing.