Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Got my Keys ... Got my Phobia

I have a phobia. It used to be secret, but hasn't been since I went around telling people about it and now am publishing it on the net.

It's about switching things off, especially my heater.

I have this secret fear that my heater is always on.

Before I leave the house, I always check that my heater is off.

Actually, usually I check my heater is off in the morning after I'm done using it, then I check as I leave my bedroom. Then I open my door again after I leave, and check again, in case it turned itself on after I left my room. Then I go upstairs and wander around, and I think I might have been mistaken, so I check my room again. Then later on, when I'm ready to leave the house, I race into my room again to check the heater isn't on. because you know, you wouldn't want to leave the heater on while you're out of the house all day. Think of all the electricity it may be guzzling!

I often do this several times, while I'm at the front door, after I've taken one step out. I then get to the bus stop or I'm on the train and I ring my Dad (who leaves home after me, usually) and ask him to please check my heater. This is the marvel of mobile phones.

But just last week I did a terrible thing.

I walked out the door and guess what?

I was all set to go, and Dad asked if I was ready, and I was, and I was happy and I ALMOST forgot I had a phobia!

I mean, I almost walked straight out of the house without worrying once about my heater!

How could I do such a thing?

Luckily I remembered my phobia just in time, and I got worried and dashed back inside and checked my heater. Then I felt better.

But then I got on the train and I kept worrying - how could I forget my phobia just like that? It's not normal. It's not right. One day I'll completely lose my phobia and I won't be me anymore. I'll be lost.

And then I'll really be scared.


TimT said...

I do that too. I'm so forgetful, you see, that even the things I remember to do, I forget.


Check the heater
Check the doors
Check the sink
Check the drawers
Got my keys
Check the lights
Got my shoes
Got my tights
Check the heater
Got my keys
Open the fridge
Put back the cheese
Check the windows
Draw the blinds
Blinds are drawn?
Good! Check the doors!
Lock the lock -
And down the stairs -
Oh SHIT! My wallet's
Still in there!

Check the heater -
Why make a fuss?
Quick! Down the stairs!

Maria said...

I have had similar experiences, and then I have thought, "ooops, next bus is not for another twenty minutes, surely I have time to dash back and check ...."

Ahhh darn.

TimT said...

It all balances out. Sometimes, you catch the bus just in time, and then remember that you've left the heater on. Other times, you remember to turn everything off, but just miss the only bus for fifty minutes.

Life is all about balance.

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh it's a Good phobia.
I was on the train to work and thought "did i switch the iron off?".
got off at next stop, changed platforms and trained home to check.

actually, TV sets should be OFF at the wall switch before you leave the house too.

Copperwitch has birthday cakes at her blog for
her big day Thurs 31st.
peace and love

Anonymous said...

That's not a phobia, that's obsessive-compulsive disorder, that is. You're probably anxious about something, and this behaviour relaxes you.

Anyway, everyone should have a hobby . . .