Sunday, 20 July 2008

Meeting my Spiritual Animal

I'm reading an essay now - Spiritual Animals, Guardians, Guides and Others Places by R.J. Stewart (published in Psychology & the Spiritual Traditions, edited & introduced by R.J. Stewart Element Books, 1990)

Anyhow, I'm reading a bit about how I may meet my spiritual animal guide.

In fact, according to Stewart I don't go out and find my animal guide so much as I let my animal guide find ME. This could be a little scary to me, because if I'm just wandering around letting an animal find me, just say it turns out to be something like a pugnacious bulldog or ferocious lion? Shouldn't I be on guard?

Stewart says (my interpretation and summary):

Start off with a period of stillness and awareness. You intend to enter into a visualisation where you will meet an animal
The animal will be your companion and will lead you to a journey of power
The animal guide will choose you

(of course there is more to it than this - moving through worlds, feeling certain powers, you receive a gift from your companion)

I haven't tried this experiment. I have felt some strong affinity for some animals but I could say this has a lot to do with social/cultural elements or just because they're cute! I'm a big fan of monotremes for instance. On the other hand, is this the whole point of animal guides, that they can be attached to your emotional and cultural responses and are not supposed to be divorced from them?

If I had a very nice echidna or platypus leading the way in my life ... well I could see that. On the other hand, I'm quite keen on turtles too. Gosh, can't one have an animal guide for every mood?


TimT said...

Can we have a Spiritual Plan instead? "And then, a Venus Fly Trap came to me in my dreams and showed me my inner self..."

Lad Litter said...

I think it's my animal spiritual guide who keeps leaving messages for me on my front lawn. I'm unable to interpret them because I always step in them

JahTeh said...

Do little old ladies count as I seem to attract them more than anything else?