Sunday, 17 December 2006

Land Of The Nods

There's some campaign that's been going on for a long time about not sleeping while driving. I think it has the words in it REVIVE. SURVIVE. There are some more words in it, but I was nodding off when the campaign was announced so I didn't quite catch them. I think it might have been, TAKE FIVE.

This campaign actually makes some kind of sense, which is unusual for government funded campaigns. But why stop at the wheel?

As I was ranting below, I went to the hairdresser yesterday, and that's not a place you want to fall asleep. Especially when you could be paying $45 to look like you'd been electrocuted.

What's more, hairdresser equipment is scary stuff. I was sitting in the salon yesterday with a pair of razor sharp scissors pointed to the back of my head, and I felt my head nodding.

Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Now, I never believed if asked, "Maria, would you pay $45 to bounce your head on a pointy metal stick?" that the answer would have been a resounding "YES", but here I was, going for it.

Now the only safe place to nap is on train stations - when it's twenty minutes til the train's coming, you can have a nice hour or so's nap, and wake up, knowing it'll still be twenty minutes til the same train's due ...

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