Sunday, 19 August 2007

Abscond Responsibility: Give it to God

Fob off responsibility for violent actions and homophobic tendencies to the Work Of God (An Act of God). Or,

"Where God and Satan and Collaborate, and God gives the order to his henchman, Satan, and Satan indulges in some gratuitous but heavenly poofter bashing on Oxford Street"

(extracted from today's Sun Herald - August 19 2007)

Against God's Word

ANYONE who has been a committed Christian for a few years and who knows the spirit realm can reveal why it is that gays get a hard time ("Thugs targeting gay clubs and bars", The Sun Herald, August 12).

What they are doing is unscriptural (against God's word and his commandments) and by adopting the homosexual lifestyle, authority is given over to the evil spirit realm for Satan to kill, steal and destroy those he chooses to do so in that lifestyle (John 10:10). The solution is simple: dump the lifestyle and Satan loses his authority. Likewise if the young children are told Harry Potter witchcraft practices, Satan also loses access to the young children. It is all to do with legal authority. If God says "No", He means it. His No is only for our betterment.

Graeme Gibson

Isn't it so cool to have a letter endosing bashings of humans and then talking about God, Christianity and "legal authority?

"We don't kill people, we destroy demons." - Dad, "Frailty"

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