Friday, 10 August 2007

An Even More Time-Consuming and Mind-Numbing Way To Waste Your Time Than Browsing Blogs

I haven't been writing posts or commenting on blogs much lately or even reading them.

Why not?

I found this competition on the Borders site recently - World's Best Fabricator's - Win A Bookcase

Comp ends 20th August

You actually don't get a bookcase but there are lots of books to win, like 100 of them. Someone is about to win 100 books at a go, but there are 100 books to be won individually - actually a whole lot more practical if you wouldn't have room for 100 books and have read some of those titles already, but wouldn't mind getting a freebie. And six $100 vouchers, and lots of coupons for Borders buyers.

But it's a pretty time-consuming game if you want some of the better prizes like a free book. It can still be a bit time-consuming if you want a better coupon (On my first few go's I got coupons for reduced price manga titles, and I'm not a big manga title buyer, so that wasn't much good to me).

It can also be rather addictive, ieven if you're just like me and waste a lot of time staring at the bookcase and trying to decide what your next purchases would be if only you had a few extra few hundred dollars to blow on fiction, and then realising you were getting sucked into the whole Borders gimmick right along.

Anyhow, good luck everybody!

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Maria said...

That pic there is meant to be a book cover, of a book called "Junky" - appropriate since I've been addicted to this game. I just realised that I had no idea what it looked like either when I looked back on the blog.

(It is one of the books that Borders is giving away - or maybe has given away. I don't know.)