Wednesday, 2 January 2008

First Vanilla Slice Post of the Year

This Year may well be the Year of the Vanilla Slice.

I attempted to keep my resolution "Eat a Vanilla slice" - although it was resolution number two, it was a darn sight easier to keep than resolution number one, get a job.

Or so I thought.

I was in Fairfield today and I purchased myself a Vanilla Slice from Michel's. It was a rather large thing, topped with passionfruit icing and I made a valiant attempt.

I must say I failed. I did not complete my whole vanilla slice eating. I got about two-thirds - or maybe three-quarters - of the way there - and gave up. The darn thing.

This was not the Queen or King of Vanilla Slices, I'm afraid to report. I do like a good vanilla slice, but my review is not positive about this fat square.

The vanilla cream was too heavy and thick - a good vanilla slice would have lighter vanilla. This one sat too heavily in the tummy and on the tongue.

Then the pastry - not fluffy enough. And the passionfruit icing was a little too thick - I don't mind a bit of icing (though the ones dusted with icing sugar work well) - but this icing was too sweet and thick - and it also weighed down on the pastry and took away from its fluffiness.

All in all, not a success. Perhaps another hack at a better vanilla slace shall be had later in the year. The search for better slice goes on!


TimT said...

A pox on all those who do not provide fair to middling vanilla slices for gourmands such as ourselves! May God smite them righteously for their crimes against vanilla slice eating!

Maria said...

And so say all of us! It's just so ... UN-Australian!

Hmmm ... let's check the citizenship test for vanilla slice questions!

JahTeh said...

Never Michel's anything. Their coffee is passable but the cakes are not and they're outrageously over priced.

Not only a good vanilla slice is hard to find but try going for an apple slice that doesn't have spongy lumps of tinned apple and has proper cake pastry as every apple slice should.

Maria said...

Mr Coffee gave me similar advice recently, and I shall heed ye both in the future. Thankee Jahteh.

I must admit I was in Fairfield at the time, and the toss up was between Michel's and Donut King - the only choices of takeaway food between TWO malls. Not tempting. I have made a vow not to move to Fairfield, certainly not for the mall cuisine.