Thursday, 17 January 2008

Greenpeace is indirectly using Sea Shepherd tactics to lower Global Warming, recent studies have shown.

Those who have been watching the Greenpeace anti-whaling vessel's tactics recently may have been confused by the Sea Shepherd's tactics.

Greenpeace has been known for bad haircuts, sloppy T-shirts, and taking a ship out and ramming the side of Japanese whaling vessels in the hope of saving the lives of whales. Either that or getting their faces and wild haircuts on the front of magazines.

However recently they took a different turn, and two Greenpeace anti-whaling protesters have been held on a Japanese ship "hostage" says Greenpeace, "detained" say the Japanese, although they probably say that in Japanese. After trying to deliver a letter, say Greenpeace, after trying to throw acid and destroy property say the Japanese. Maybe "deliver a letter" sounds a lot like "throw acid" in Japanese.

Anyhow, the Australians started calling the Japanese "terrorists" and the Japanese started calling the Aussies "pirates". And many people have been calling the actions stupid.

However, my research has found that according to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster the number of pirates there are in the world affects global warming . If we increase the number of pirates in the world, the average global temperature will go down!

It's all there.

While somoe people have been calling the Greenpeace actions stupid, well-intentioned perhaps, but ill-thought-out, lacking credibility, and idiotic, they are obviously part of the bigger environmental picture. Kill two birds with one stone - errh - perhaps not the best metaphor - attack the whaling and the global warming together. Create more piracy!

Hop to it and get to those illegal downloads, people, you have work to do for the environment!


trixie said...

Ah haar, pirate talk it is everyday. Does borrowing the 'more pirates = a cooler planet link' constitute piracy? if so, enjoy the cool breeze...

Maria said...

If it does, I've done my bit for the environment and can go to sleep with a clear conscience. I should enjoy it before I get a law job.

Bwca said...

Of course the Greenpeacers were stupid to board the evil Jap boat


it certainly did put the whaling issue in everybody's face for a bit.

Why do they need to eat whales fer chrissakes.
I boycott Sony and Honda and all the rest.

They own half of Gunns pulp mill too ...

Maria said...

My own opinion is that the Japs don't NEED to eat whale, but some want to - heck, there's plenty of things people don't need to eat but they want to. We could all live on vitamin tablets and water and survive.

And 'course, depending on where you come from, your practices may seem a bit silly to others. I hear Muslims are up in arms 'cos people have written a book with pigs as main characters; they don't get it and think it's offensive but having piggies as characters as books isn't weird or offensive to us, it's pretty normal.

On the other hand, whether Japanese killing whales is harmful to the environment, breaches the law, or endangers a species - now that's a different question altogether. I don't care if they do weird stuff so long as they don't make me do it (tamagotchis weren't something I was ever in to), but on the other hand, investigating the nature of international contracts is another.

And 'course, if you people don't agree with what Japs do on a moral rather than legal basis, then boycotts and so forth is in my opinion a much more sensible way of going about it than jumping onto boats, which'll just give the Japs more reason to say they're the victims, and incites emotional arguments and blackmail instead of some reasoned negotiations and tactics.

I gotta say, I am a fan of sushi.


P.S. As for Gunns ... really the name is just so darned suitable! You never find these guys called Timidd or Afrayde or TippyToe or Quivver, do you? It really does make you think about the "Rose by any other name ..."!

R.H. said...

"I find the case proven"

"Objection Your Honour"

"Shut up"

(costs awarded to Miss Maria)

(Will legal aid foot the bill for this one?)

Next case, RH vs Miss Pavlov.

Charge: Indecent exposure.

(oh my goodness...)

(well she shouldn't parade about naked, ha ha ha!)


Anonymous said...

Actually, Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace are two separate organizations. Right now Sea Shepherd is not very happy with Greenpeace. But Paul Watson did help found Greenpeace before starting up SS. SS uses the ramming and sinking of illegal whaling vessels. Greenpeace doesn't. It was two sea shepherd men who were kidnapped, beaten and tied to the mast when they boarded the yuushin maru to speak to the captain. Not Greenpeacers.