Friday, 4 January 2008

Second Vanilla Slice Post of the Year

In my quest to actually complete a vanilla slice, I purchased another recently, and I hoped it was edible. And it was! I ate the whole thing, and am happy to report back that this time, the vanilla slice was indeed a delight.

This is the way vanilla slices ought be done!

So, what was the slice like that was so different from the first vanilla slice?

Well, there was no icing. Now, I'm not saying that icing is a bad thing, but in the first vanilla slice, it was rather overly sweet, and thick, and it rather distracted fro the vanilla-y taste and weighed down on the pastry. A light dusting of icing sugar on this one was a vast improvement.

The vanilla cream was lighter. The first vanilla cream was rather too heavy and thick. made one feel far too full after just a bite - and even when your fork went into it, was a chore. This was lighter and much easier to melt in one's mouth and easier on the tummy. made you want to finish it up. The texture was smoother.

The pastry was fluffier. Mmmmm-mmmm - a must!

I don't think this made a big difference, but this slice was double layered and rectangular (long-ish) whereas the first slice was single layered and square.

This slice was bought at Pattison's. A plug for the deserving.


alexis said...

What? What? WHAT? Here I am, attempting two weeks of New Year's detox (no animal products, no preservatives, no wheat, no added salt or sugar, nothing, in short, not hand-picked by Himalayan maidens in certified organic rainforests) and THE WHOLE ENTIRE BLOGOSPHERE feels compelled to post erotic images of desserts.

JahTeh said...

Alexis, what are you living on, fresh air?

This is a passable slice but it shows a resemblance to what we used to buy called a "Napoleon" which had a sponge layer where the middle bit of pastry is.

Maria said...

Are you suggesting I'm cheating, jahteh?

It's OK, I still have an entire 360-something days today to consume a-the-real-thing, should objections be posted. Please feel free to steer me in the right direction. All comments and critiques of vanilla slicedom most welcome! Pattison's passed this off as a vanilla slice, but it could be a Napoleon in vanilla clothing. You never know. It still tasted good.

Alexis, we're tempting you with erotic-sin so you can join us in the flavoursome pagan dancing 'round the choc mousse in February, and the choc moose in March. Your paws seem to be still hanging on to the mountain of virtue, but only just.

alexis said...

Yep, fresh air. And carrots. Actually, I discovered a nifty trick with blendered frozen banana and strawberries and ice yesterday. Dash of soy milk for the daring.

Maria said...

That's amazing, 'Lex. I just had two mini-chocs for brunch. I realised I needed to retox after having ramen for dinner followed by a lychee tea topped with peachy bits last night. And a talk to my friends about how you really needed to have lots of extra ... errh ... stuff in your body to be healthy or you faint if you lose blood. When my mum donates blood they usually give her some lollies to eat first so she can donate. It's a good excuse enough as any to be amping up the sugar.

Actually, the chocs were pure indulgence but I feel the need for some reason to justify 'em somehow here. But I'm not too worried about blood loss, even if my brother did purchase some extra sharp steak knives for my mother for Christmas. I have, perhaps naive, faith in my ma.

JahTeh said...

Alexis the best de-tox is carrot and orange juice. If it's working well your skin will turn a lovely bilious colour as the toxins evacuate.
Mind you I have no sympathy for anyone who obviously overfed themselves on Christmas yummies that they need to de-tox.

River said...

Hi, I hopped on over from jahteh's blog to see your vanilla slice pic. It looks muchly like the ones I buy from Swiss Glory here in Adelaide except our do have icing, but it's firmly attached to the topmost layer of the puff pastry so you can peel it off and eat separately or toss it in the nearest bin if it's too sweet. the vanilla cream/custard is perfection.

Maria said...

Thank you River. You've restored my faith in the vanilla slice-maki9ng industry, and indeed in the possibility mine might have been of the vanilla slice species and not of a napoleonite alien species. I might have to buy a flight to Adelaide to complete my quest. If it's worth doing, I may never return.