Wednesday, 2 January 2008

I Resolve to Resolve to Resolve to Resolve ....

On New Year's Eve, I asked Mr Coffee if he'd make any New Year's Resolutions with me. He wouldn't. He said if he made them, either he'd make them too difficult to achieve, or if he made them too easy to achieve, he would have done them anyway and they weren't worth resolving to do.

But I wanted to make a New Year's Resolution, partly because I hadn't made one last year, not that I remember. And partly because I couldn't think of anything better to do with Mr Coffee at the time because it was so darn hot and he'd already beaten me resoundingly at a game of Trivial Pursuit.

I've been thinking about some things I'd like to accomplish in 2008. Realistic things, not like my long-held ambition to learn how to heal any person by concentrating hard on them and making laser beams fly from my hands and eyes and penetrate their bodily organs. Or getting my mother to approve of my fashion sense.

Some things I came up with:

1. Get a job. One with some form of remuneration at least. If that fails, at least go to lots and lots of interviews and have the experience of telling everyone about all the rejections I got in my futile search for employment, and then end up begging my parents for 20c to do extra chores that don't really need doing, around the house, in the last few days before the end of this year, so it counts as fulfilling this resolution. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.

2. Eat a vanilla slice. Inspired by Jahteh's Blog , which featured a lovely vanilla slice last year, I bemoaned I had not eaten a vanilla slice all last year. I don't think I had eaten one the year before. I've been lacking.

3. Watch certain movies. I haven't sat done and watched the entirety of Gone With The Wind in a long while, but I have the DVD. Funnily enough, I find plenty of time to reread the book, but I haven't rewatched the movie. I have never watched the entirety of Lord of the Rings. For some reason I have this need to see Mary Poppins and Pollyanna - I've never seen the last one - so I'll stick that on my list.

4. Practice the following games:

Trivial Pursuit

Jawbreaker is a solo game, so I just want to get an amazingly high average. The first three games, I haven't beaten Mr Coffee yet at. Admittedly, we've only played one chess game and we both performed unspectacularly. I want to beat him!

5. Improve my non-blog writing. Actually, improve my writing all up. I'm not sure whether I should go for quantity or quality. Or cuter font type.

6. Increase my touch typing speed. How much lower can it go?

7. Make a concerted effort to increase my cooking repertoire. Hmmm ... one more dish ought to do it.

8. Make a concerted effort to learn more Cantonese. It gets a bit limiting when you even mess "Happy Chinese New Year" up, and you can only say the numbers and "little friend, how are you". I really ought to pick up some new phrases, because waiters in Chinese restaurants and shops are getting sick of me calling them "little friend".

Hurrah for the New Year!


Ann O'Dyne said...

well thanks for that.

now, when I go into town, I will be seeking out vanilla slices

I suppose we have to feed our Spirit occasionally ... hope things are great in your '08

Maria said...

Thank you kindly Ann. See above post for my rating on one vanilla slice. My vote goes not towards them. If you have other good vanilla slice recommendations, I'm sure they would be much appreciated. And not just by meself.

JahTeh said...

Would you like an extra month this year for the resolutions?

I must be the only person who doesn't like "Gone with the Wind", book and movie. I read the book, possibly too young and thought the movie over-hyped.

Maria said...

Don't like "Gone With the Wind"?

I can't understand these people. But then, they're a rare species. I s'pose I fell in love with it and never quite woke up from the dreamstate.

I know some sarcastic people might say "Gone With The Wind" was so long I might need an extra month just for rereading and rewatching it. Not entirely unfair, I must admit.