Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Immigrant Idol!

I just hit on a fantastic idea, after reading a whole lot of stuff about how people are racist, when they really mean religionist.

Funny, that, when you read an article about Muslims in Australia there always seems to be some debate about racism when in fact we're talking about religionism. This article started off about whether or not there should be a Muslim school in Camden, and went on about whether there should be any Muslims in Australia at all and some talk about whether Muslims were an insidious group which was planning a hostile takeover of Australia.

One person who commented on this article suggested "Let's vote once and for all who we want in this country!"

And I thought - fantastic idea!

Should we do it on TV, or by internet? Internet could be faster, but TV would be flashier, and probably would be more attractive to the adman.

The Internet Concept

First of all, you'd pick a web host, like MyAussieImmigrationApplicationSpace. Immigrants could log in, and post their photo, and application, and a profile. Maybe a few youtube videos. Internet voting for applicants would be assessed - you would have to get a minimum number of votes in your favour from Aussie citizens, and more than a [certain percentage] than those in your disfavour.

I s'pose there's always the problem, just like on RSVP, of someone like Osama Bin Laden sticking up a hot 22 year old blonde's pic, but there are always risks with new concepts.

The TV Concept

The TV Concept is a far more drawn out concept, but would just make the process more selective. I'm sure all the mobile phone companies would love it. Immigrants would be lining the streets to get into the final twelve, and go through weeks of agony, performing tasks, songs, dancing to prove their worth as Aussies, and face the whiplash remarks of the judges. "You throw a prawn on a barbie like a girl!" "Oh sorry - you are a girl - I can never figure it out with those Afro haircuts" "Your Neighbours trivia SUX!"

The government would be forced to back the people's Immigrant Idol - but only for the length of his/her visa. After which the choice could be made to drop the Idol or renew the contract, depending on whether they'd made good their contribution and were a viable asset.

I like it already!


JahTeh said...

I see one small problem. How far back does the 'immigrant'label go?
I'm two generations down from French and one generation from German, throw in a bit of Irish Catholic and make one Australian.

R.H. said...

Cutiepie. Howdy.

I'm a man "of Australian appearance" as they used to say. (But not anymore, too terrified)

They do say "Police are looking for a man of Asian appearance," and I think to myself, well if he's of Asian appearance he's probably Asian.

TimT said...

NAME: Osama Bin Laden

LIKES: Long walks on the beach, the colour blue, holding hands and watching the sunset, establishing a caliphate across the western world by means of violent jihad.

LOOKING FOR: A nice sweet Australian guy to buy a house with, raise a few kids, blow up a few major cities with.

Vote 4 ME!

Maria said...

Jahteh, perhaps we can use the R.H. equation and ask: But are you of Australian or immigrant appearance?

R.H., whenever I hear that police are looking for a man of Asian appearance, I think "What's so hard about looking for a man of Asian appearance? I can tell you where to find heaps of men of Asian appearance!"

Funnily enough though, I have never contacted the police with my little gem of insight. Perhaps I should be ringing Crimestoppers next time.

Maria said...

An Osama and George W. dance off? George W. might fail the English test in the first round, though...