Thursday, 29 November 2007

The law of the courtroom says, never ever admit it was you

Now, I was told the law would be exciting and fun when I was younger, and then I did several years of law school (more than several) and I found that I was misled.

I mean, who really thinks real life is like those shows Law and Order or Judge Judy?

It's nice to find a judge keeping the tradition of sensational and stupid court alive although, as they say, only in America.

Jailing 46 people because one wouldn't admit "My phone rang!" in that judge's court. And then the judge said later they were under stress in his personal life.

Uh, would that stand up ... in court?

This judge really needs to get a job as a primary school teacher when that kind of discipline is condoned - the "I'll keep you all in if no one admits to putting bubblegum on my seat" rule.

The judge really should've kept the people in to write out one hundred times "I will not leave my phone on in court" - or maybe SMS it.

I was given a lovely long speech about my duties and the standards of my profession recently. I can't wait!

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