Thursday, 29 November 2007

Which Super Power Would You Have? What Superhero are you

Superman can fly and he has mastered the art of wearing his undies outside his tights. Batman has killer bat things to throw and he has a Batmobile. Spiderman can scale walls and throw webs.

What kind of Super Power would you most like you have?

I watched a movie on the weekend called Mystery Men where all the powers of the superheroes were as follows:

There was a guy who was an expert at throwing cutlery - mainly forks
A good Shoveler (basically a good fencer - with a shovel)
Mr Furious - who got really strong and good at fighting when he got angry - which he did a lot
The Bowler, who had a great bowling ball and could bowl really well
The Invisible Boy, who could become Invisible only when no one was looking
The Spleen - who could fart so badly that everyone got knocked out by his farts
The Sphinx, who could cut guns in half with his mind - but whose main role seemed to be in coming out with mysterious sounding, Mr Myagi-like cliches "You must master your rage, or your rage will master you"

Which got me thinking about superpowers I'd like to have ... and Which Superhero Would I be ... if I were a superhero ...

I watched the Incredibles once and I thought I would like to be like Elastigirl. To be able to bend and stretch like a piece of chewing gum! Yeeha!

Then I watched the X-Men and I wouldn't have minded being like Mystique, and be able to imitate anyone, except Mystique is a baddie so bound to end up in a soup someday even if having the coolest power ever.

But if I were described as a Superhero of any kind, I think I would be called the Double-Check-Fanatic. My definite specialty, the skill I have honed over years, is an anality about switching things off and doublechecking contents of handbags and where things are.

I am the only person I know who needs to check four times in a row in three minutes if the heater in a room is REALLY off. I leave every room going "Keys - mobile - wallet - tissues - peppermints - shopping list from three months ago - four used CityRail tickets - check!" Then I have to do that process again from the beginning.

There must be somewhere in the world for this kind of power but I haven't found it yet.


JahTeh said...

I would love to have a long range invisible slap.

JahTeh said...

And I'm so going to steal this post.

Maria said...

Jahteh, The Super-Blog-Post-Stealer, See her go!

prude said...

Hmmm - that is difficult.

The power to convert others to the chaste way of life of course is always a good one, but what else would be useful.

I would like to be able to dance the fastest penguin dance ever, so fast it would make the world stand still!

I would be a SuperHero wearing a penguin suit. A little cape would not go astray.

I have not told anyone this but I have always like the idea of being able to say "Boo" to someone and they being able to freeze into an ice statue.

Also doing some backflips very neatly, then land and smile at the enemy and tell they is conquered.

I has seen it on TV. It look very good.

Lad Litter said...

Good post. I'd like not so much a puper-power but to be like the Get Smart character Simon The Likable: irresistible.

I saw Mystery Men and laughed at the superhero wannabe auditioning in an all-red outfit:
"I'm the PMS Avenger. I only work four days a month. Does that suit you guys?"

Lad Litter said...

Aren't typos funny sometimes? That should read super-power, not puper-power. On reflection, I'd like to be The ProofReader.

Maria said...

"Puper-Power" - that sounds a bit like what The Spleen had, Lad Litter!