Thursday, 16 April 2009

I wish ...

Apparently the average Australian's wealth slumped by 12% in the last year. That's $25,000 according to this article.

Yikes! I didn't know I had $25,000 to lose. I don't think I do.

I get cross if I drop 10c actually.


TimT said...

Would you be cross enough to retrieve the 10c though? Crossness on my part is balanced out by residual laziness.

What if you dropped the 10c in a park full of alligators?

What if you dropped the 10c in a park full of alligators and nudists?

Would you be prepared to risk both death and embarassment for the sake of 10c?

Maria said...

Hmmm - I have been tightass enough to retrieve a 5c.

Though not a 5c covered in mould. Hygiene did come into play.

So that may errh - beg the question - in which bit of the nudist did the 10c fall?

Funnily enough I had a dream last night about a 10c piece.

I risked losing my job because of a 10c! That was how cross I get when I drop one!

In my dream I had been asked to wait for an important person in a my company in their office before they came in. I had a 10c piece on me when I walked in, along with some other things. I noted he had a whole lot of coins on his desk.

I waited for a while and then I decided to leave because it was getting too late. As I was getting up to leave all my papers went flying! I picked them all up and as I did he walked in. I thought about whether I should try picking up my 10c or not or whether he would think it was HIS 10c because he had coins lying around his office.

I decided I couldn't part with my 10c. I risked it. i grabbed my 10c which was lying on the floor.

Naturally he saw me and assumed I was a thief and of bad character and got mad.

All for 10c!

This a true account of Maria's 10c dream!

What would YOU do for 10c ...

Maria said...

That last line reminds me of a Golden Girls episode where Rose put in an ad on Dorothy's behalf in the paper (when Dorothy was desperately seeking work) saying she would do 'anything for $8 an hour'.

Unfortunately Rose put it in the personals section rather than the "Seeking employment" section.

TimT said...

Never grab anything in a dream before having it looked over by an experienced dream doctor first! It is probably just a metaphor for an unexamined trauma or something equally horrible!

Maria said...

A lot of mine aren't metaphors for traumas they tell my trauma straight out!

One of my friends for fun bought me some "dream cards" heheh. A bit of amusement.

I have done a bit of dream interpretation - my own dreams - just tried to figure out what they meant by how I feel and what they might mean to me.

A lot of mine are very obvious.

Like when my dog died I had dog dreams.

And recently I've had a few car dreams.

Maria said...

Oh by the way I am waiting for a Lotto dream. If I dreamed I was watching Lotto and all the numbers came to me and I emembered them all when I woke up ... yeah I would go out and by a ticket and fill those numebrs in.

No doubt I would find out they were all last week's numbers, too. I should have someone date-stamp and sign my dreams.