Friday, 24 April 2009

Trains don't respect the veterans!

I bring to you this shocking story.

The Daily Telegraph recently polled several ordinary Australians and asked them whether people should be allowed to trade on ANZAC Day.

"Of course not," was the response of one codger. "People died to save shops on that day! They died so that people would be able to work for our country on that day. We should show our respect for their deaths, show we understand why they made those sacrifices and learnt from history, and sit on our bums on that day!"

"We're celebrating Australian-ness on ANZAC Day, and it's plain un-Australian to go to work and make an honest buck," added another. "We shouldn't forget where we came from."

However, in alarming news, the train and bus services decided to rebel against the butt-sitting rules and will not only be out there pre-dawn ferrying people around, but will revel in - gasp - collecting money for tickets.

Show some respect, will ya, public transport? Taking money tomorrow is just plain wrong. All trains should be sitting around drinking beer and playing two-up in RSLs while people wander around in lots of one-minute sessions of silence, wondering what the heck they're going to do now that everyone shares their attitude. Which they're always whingeing they want, but now that it's happened, somehow it's all wrong.


Friendless said...

It seems to be an Australian affliction, and Brisbane particularly, that shops are closed. Not just on public holidays, but at 5pm on weekdays and as early as you can manage on Saturdays. And of course if there are no customers, you can close earlier. OF COURSE THERE ARE NO CUSTOMERS, ALL THE SHOPS ARE SHUT. If you ever hear of a spate of shop bombings in Brisbane, it might be me blowing up shops that should be open.

I live near half-a-dozen or so restaurants / cafes, all of which are closed on Monday evening except for Maria's Seafood (a fish and chip shop). Where would we be without hard-working Asian women called Maria?

Maria said...

You should try Tasmania, it is worse there.

I went to Launceston and it was impossible to get a feed for dinner (almost) ... we ended up eating at the pub. At least that's another good ol' Aussie tradition - the PUB opens after 5pm even if everything else closes down!

Dammit another grouch.

I'm trying to find a nice as in not bar, not noisy kiddie race around place, to take Mum to for Mum's Day in our area. Pretty much all close up on Sundays for dinner, the ones that look kinda sedate/posh but don't-kill-your-wallet-ish. Mum's kinda over Pizza hut for dinner.

We ended up picking a place for lunch.