Thursday, 16 April 2009

Life before Birth

I need to take the original copy of my birth certificate to work next week when I start my new job (hooray guys! I, in this economic climate of all times, have found a NEW JOB!).

I got my mother to dig it up and she told me she usually didn't allow it out of her filing cabinet.

"Guard it with your life!" she said.

This struck me as somewhat strange. No, I thought, my life is going to come before my birth certificate!

In fact, doesn't most people's?


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

YAY for new job. If you lose your birth certificate, you can get a new one. It's a messy application process, but still, I'd put your life first.

Maria said...

It's nice to find someone with similar priorities.

I did have some visions of my funeral with me outstretched in a coffin and the birth certificate tucked lovingly in my hands, or my parents weeping saying "We've lost a daughter, but at least we have her birth certificate! Thank the Lord for that!"

Maria said...

Oh, and thanks for the congrats on the new job. I haven't started yet (obviously) but the boss seems to be nice. I think I got in largely because I said a lot of sweet things about how great Latin is. He's apparently a Classics buff.

TimT said...

If you lose your birth certificate, do you have to be born again to get another one? I hear the church could arrange that.

TimT said...

"Through the POWAH of the LOOOORD you are REBORN in CHRIST JAY-ESUS! AHHHHHHHHMEN! And don't forget to donate generously when the collection plate comes around, and collect your birth certificate at the front door!"

Maria said...

I think some similar jokes were made when I crashed the car on GOOD FRIDAY!

Just wait for three days, maria, just wait.