Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What footy mascot would you be?

Recently Mr Coffee and I indulged in one Cronulla Sharks NRL tote bag from Coles, because they were selling them off at 20c a pop. Thing is, we didn't know it was a Cronulla bag until we bought it, we just picked it over the raiders one because we liked the Shark pick, and because the pricing scheme was mega-cool.

However the experience sparked off a conversation - how do Football teams pick their names anyhow, and how do they figure out what animal or whatever they are? Why is it Sydney Roosters and Balmain Tigers and Illawarra Dragons and Adelaide Crows. I haven't quite figured it out.

Given their reputation, I figured out Melbourne Storm fairly easily and I have to say - well-chosen, guys.

Why aren't their any Pigs or Ants or Axolotls or Cockroaches or Hamsters? or maybe there are , I don't know that much about football.

I don't know enough much about Football but I started tossing around names for teams that I thought would be appropriate. Something more interesting than the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

How about a bit of alliteration - Wollongong Wombats?

Or some nice word association games:

Darwin Crocodiles?
Darwin's Theories?
Darwin's Beards?

Tasmanian Tigers
Tasmanian Devils
Tasmanian Oysters?

The Sunshine Coast Schoolies?

The Melbourne Trams?

What would you call the footy team in your area?


TimT said...

The Melbourne team is actually positively Satanic - they're the Demons. And obviously, their followers are Satanists!

TimT said...

The South Penrith Retroviruses.
The Orange Ocelots
The Quorobolong Zebus

TimT said...

By 'The Melbourne team' - I mean, 'the other Melbourne team'.

Maria said...

I think there would be the "Sydney Princesses" and the "Paddington Queens" ... the Western Sydney Bogans and the North Sydney Yuppies would be tossed around as names.

I think it would be nice if someone would pick an axolotl for a mascot. Any takers?

In fact perhaps an animal society could put down a list of endangered or protected animal species. each team had to choose one of those as its mascot. part of the footy teams' funds could be used to promote awareness and knowledge about this animal and also to help with research about it/care for it in conjunction with an animal society/zoo.

Could be a great team effort and make football a lot more socially conscious!