Tuesday, 9 January 2007

The Break-Up Fairy

Does it sometimes seem as though breaking up is in the air?

We like to believe that Love Is In The Air, or at least John Paul Young likes to make us believe we like to believe it. But how about breaking up?

I'm beginning to believe in a malevolent break-up fairy who zips about ruining relationships, a bit like Cupid with horns and a pitchfork. Except on Sunday, it seemed Break-Up Fairy was on acid, using scattergun method machine gun, like a body double for Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando.

I turned on the computer to receive a message from a friend telling me his relationship was over. Broken crockery and drama ... and I commiserated with him.

I wandered in the next morning to grumble a bit to a colleague that I'd spent last night sleepless, and he empathised.

"Me too, on Sunday night my girlfriend broke up with me."

"You too?" exclaimed a girl nearby. "On Sunday, my boyfriend nearly broke up with me!"

Now, there are two common factors here - it happened on Sunday they all knew me. I'm trying to put the latter out of my mind.

Who's this malevolent break-up fairy, and what's your agenda? Come on, own up.

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