Sunday, 14 January 2007

Top Secret And Time Eating

At the moment, I'm neglecting many of my thrilling geekish pursuits, including blogging, as I go on a top-secret mission - so top secret that I don't dare blog about it until after Saturday, when all will be revealed (I mean about the top secret mission). Certain people are to be kept in the dark, including my parents. At any rate, I ask all readers to pray for me. I'm spiralling out of control here. I'm not sure I like this amount of responsibility. I'm thinking James Bond had it easy - at least he knew he had to win in the end. I'm not so sure about this deal.

Not that I'm too worried about my Dad happening upon Mission Top Secret - I'm not sure he's aware the internet came into existence yet - but it's possible one of his office elves may drop hints. So if you meet my Dad, please assure him that Maria is doing nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever. (Tidying socks into paired rolls and organising them by pattern, colour and length is perfectly ordinary.)

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WinMeister said...

Ah-ha, methinks I know what you are up to this weekend. Good luck, and don't forget to have fun yourself!