Monday, 22 January 2007

Operation Top Secret: It's Over

Operation Top Secret is officially over. While the operation took place mainly on the 20th, it leaked over into the 21st, and we were still picking up bits and pieces today.

Someone told me this was military style type stuff, I hate to think we did such a bad job of it. Look at how they botched up Iraq.

Thank you, everyone, for not leaking it to my Dad. He was utterly stunned, and he still hasn't come out of his catatonic state. Thanks again, everyone. Better results than expected.

This is one of the most successful things I've done since I managed to beat the sixth-graders at 'Elastics' in Primary School, so I'm feeling very proud. Give me my moment.


alexis said...

Did you really beat the sixth-graders at elastics? I'm very impressed.

Maria said...

I did. I am still jumpy about it.