Sunday, 21 January 2007

I'm The New Black

Have you ever felt the arrow of irrational love? Expressed strongly, overwhelmingly, suddenly, frighteningly?

If so, you've got an inkling (literally) of what's happened to me recently.

I recently embarked on the use of a fine calligraphy pen. Oh, how I love pen and ink. While I'm sure the biro is a useful and convenient invention, it's really just not the same as inserting a cartridge into a pen and having lovely wet ink on a page. I wish I'd been born when everyone used feathers dipped in inkpots, though I know my blog would look a lot messier.

Not only do I adore jet black ink, but jet black ink adores me. It can't resist me. It bursts straight out of cartridge and covers me.

There's a downside to infatuation. Ink, you did not need show your affection so. A card and chocolates via express post would have been just fine.

But everyone has a different way of expressing love. I guess I just have to get over that.


alexis said...

Delighted as I am to read of your new lover, WHAT ABOUT YOUR SECRET SATURDAY NIGHT PLANS? Success, failure, somewhere in between - I'm sure you promised us you'd tell all after the event.

Maria said...

I just love the suspense.

And the teasing.

And the holding back.

Oh God.

I think this is a metaphor for a new lover.

Apache said...

Maria, in 2007, in ink circles, hasn't green become the new black?

Maria said...

Green, apache?

You're just jealous.