Monday, 18 February 2008

A fork in the road of life

I woke up semi-early this morning, for moi, at least, and wrote on the back of an old envelope, a semi-conscious and self-consciously long list of things I ought to do some time in the near future.

It wasn't one of those lists that people write, like "See Stonehenge; Do a parachute jump; Meet the Dali Lama".

It was really boring stuff like, "Clean up desk!!! Throw away old birthday cards!!! Floss!!!"

Life is catching up on me too fast, and it's only mid-February.

Last night I had one of my 'moments' when I had a six-course Japanese banquet in honour of a friend's birthday (Happy Birthday, m'dear). A friend discussing kids, another marriage, another going overseas and taking up new interests, a new language, a new direction in her career.

I think it was somewhere around the salmon and avocado sushi when I thought "Gosh, we're all making life-changing decisions this year! We're no longer little girls!"

That's when I got home and decided I really ought to floss.

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