Monday, 25 February 2008

Gratuitous Fedora Post

Totally because of TimT's Running Fedora Post I had a vivid dream about relay racing fedoras!

There were black, brown, pink, red, and other coloured fedora hats, all running.

I have never dreamed of fedoras before and now I was dreaming of scores of them and scores for them.

It was then that I realised that I was very different from the other people in my family.

This is what I see when I think Fedora.

This is what the others in my family see when they think Fedora.


TimT said...

Weeeeeeell, I suppose it would boost sales to have a Fedora that pays tennis, but really! Why would anyone want to?

By the way, the man in the Fedora that was running down the street was me. My Fedora regularly goes for runs. It likes to keep in good nick that way.

Very snappy Fedora, btw. Couldn't have asked for one nicer...

JahTeh said...

This brought back memories. I had a lovely orange felt fedora that I wore with a orange and green tweed Chanel suit, matching green shoes too. Eat your heart out Megan Gale.

Maria said...

From what I've heard, it'd be fine to have a Fedora that plays tennis, but you must train it first to not grunt.

People are against grunting tennis players right now, and I don't know if grunting Fedora's would be any exception!

Now, you've uncovered the identity of the man in the Fedora TimT. If I'm ever in Melbourne I'll look out for you. Unless there are many jogging Fedoras out in the morning, which may make you more difficult to identify. That's a question - is there a community of Jogging Fedoras? Have you a Running Fedora Society, or are you a bit of a loner? Do you go out in the morning and say hello to other Fedoras out for a run? Or are you a bit of a curiosity on the streets of Melbourne?

In my own area it's more of the nannies pushing their walking frames that's the fashion here on their early morning walks, but your area may jog to a different vibe. Interested to know.

Maria said...

Ah jahteh, for all celebrities seem to have, they can never quite get the curios that we notice. Feel sorry for them kowtowing to their sequins and diamonds; they probably overlook orange felt fedoras in their scurry.