Thursday, 7 February 2008

I can't wish you a Happy Chinese New Year

It's the beginning of Chinese New Year, and I'm terribly sorry, bloggers, I can't wish you a Happy Chinese New Year.

It sticks in my throat, really it does.

It's not got to do with my lack of goodwill, actually I'm bursting with it, it's those darn Cantonese tones. I just can't seem to get them right. I feel like Eliza Doolittle, repeating the same syllable, over and over again and never getting it right.

Last year I managed a passable Happy Chinese New Year, and you know what? I got so nervous at meeting Mr Coffee's father I never used it, and now I've forgotten how to say "Kung Hey Fat Choi" properly. Damn.

Happy Rattiness to you all, my friends, and peace be with you.


proserpine said...

I was at a Chinese New Year event last night and I simply raised my glass enthusiastically, knowing my gwaipor* limitations, but a young man in attendance admirably attempted it and was told that it sounded like Vietnamese, which was at least geographically closer than his last attempt.

*This is probably a rotten phonetic transcription, but it's hard to figure out anything when people are laughing at you so much.

TimT said...

Poor Fat Choi. He probably has enough self-image problems as it is without everyone going around saying to him, "Kung! Hey, fat Choi!"

Kung Hey Thin Choi to you too!

Maria said...

Indeed, TimT, I'm surprised the PC crowd haven't jumped on this one already.

And I wonder whetehr we'd call it un-Australian of the Chinese to bring yelling at Fatties to public events - or congratulate them for their quick assimilation into the sport of Aussie-obesity-bashing?